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About Beethoven

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: $500
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with White
  • Current Size: 90 Pounds
  • Current Age: 1 Year 6 Months (born on 11/17/2022)
  • Location: Harrisburg PA 17109
  • Fence Required: Yes(6 foot)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Obedience Training Needed: Needs Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed


Meet Beethoven! Beethoven is a 14 month old “Newfiepoo” who has a TON of energy
and personality. He has only been in his foster home about a week so far, but he also came equipped with some information from his prior owner, so here is what he has to share about himself so far….

Likes:  Beethoven is still young, so naturally one of his favorite things to do is to play endlessly. He loves attention and pets, and wants to be by your side 100% of the time. He enjoys training, and has been learning basic scent work, which he really seems to enjoy. It’s likely that he would also really enjoy agility.  He will let you know once he heals from his neuter and can give it a whirl!

Dislikes: While he is crate trained, he definitely does not enjoy being there and he will be sure to tell you how upset he is about the situation with some serious howling until he settles down. Beethoven also can struggle with change, which is understandable because he’s been through a lot lately. Be prepared for him to potentially go on a hunger strike if he’s really overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last very long…

Personality: Beethoven is a giant doofus, and is extremely playful and goofy! Unfortunately, he also doesn’t yet have the ability to turn it off when needed, but this is something his foster parents are working on in training. He doesn’t really understand boundaries or good manners yet, so his playfulness can escalate to inappropriate behavior like mouthiness and incessant jumping pretty quickly. He will do best with a family who will be able to accommodate his high energy, but also dedicate themselves to providing him with the ongoing training and structure he needs to be successful.

Temperament: Beethoven is a sweet dude who has loved every person he has gotten to meet so far.  He’s a wild man, but he’s also extremely sweet and eager to please.

Energy Level: It’s probably obvious by now, but this guy is HIGH ENERGY. His former owner commented that playing in a fenced yard is not going to be enough for Beethoven; he needs additional exercise outlets too, and his foster parents would tend to agree with that statement!

Favorite Activities: Beethoven likes to ride in the car, and is an extremely good boy when doing so. He also loves walks and playing with some of his favorite toys (the Bento Ball is the current favorite one, but he is also a big fan of Yak Chews). His favorite is training though, because he gets to exercise his brain AND get attention! The treats, obviously, are a huge bonus too. He’ll do just about anything for a small hot dog slice.

Good with cats, dogs, and kids over 6 years old?  Beethoven has reportedly lived with cats, as well as with other dogs of varying size in the past. However, some of that was when he was a puppy, and as an adolescent he did have issues with a more dominant male dog he shared a home with in the past. In light of the mixed reviews, once his decompression period is over, his foster parents will be working with him to get a better read on what type of personality his ideal furry family members would have. Beethoven will definitely need slow introductions to other dogs, as he can be reactive to new dogs, especially at first. Also, since he can be very pushy and overbearing with play with his human friends, it’s likely that will also translate into interactions with other animals and should be considered when matching him with furry friends.

Challenges: Beethoven will test your patience at times, he can be a stinker. No paper product in the world is safe from him, and he will steal and shred your tissues and paper towels gleefully with zero remorse. He will try to knock over your baby gates, shove in front of you to get through doorways - his rudeness knows no bounds. He is likely also going to test the patience of any other pets in his future home. But what he lacks in manners and training he makes up for in intelligence and sweetness. Once he can have the consistent training he needs, he is going to be a rock star, because this boy is super smart and eager to please!

House & Crate Trained? Beethoven is fully housetrained and will run to the door and tell you when he needs to take a trip out. He is not a fan of being crated, but his future family should definitely continue to enforce crate training and helping him to have positive associations with his crate, especially since he can be a little destructive when he’s frustrated or anxious.

Requires a physically fenced in yard? Encouraged, but not required.  Beethoven would love to be able to play with his future family in a fenced yard with lots of space for him to run around with his toys, so a fenced yard would be ideal for him. However, it is not required provided his adoptive family has alternative ways to provide him with the energy outlets he needs, in a safe and controlled setting.

Walks well on a leash?  Beethoven is sorry to report that right now, leash manners are not something he possesses. His foster family will be working with him on this first and foremost. He pulls like a rhinoceros, so a stronger person and an Easy Walk harness or similar no pull front fastening harness will be needed until he can learn walking manners.

Any medical issues? Beethoven is currently taking medication for sedation to allow him to fully recover from his neuter surgery due to some healing complications and the need to keep his activity level low to promote healing. However, this is improving daily, and is expected to be resolved fully in the very near future.

What would be the best kind of home?  Beethoven would do best in a home committed to providing him with the love, patience, structure, and training he needs to be all he can be! Children or younger people who are willing to play with him and help channel some of his energy would definitely be a bonus, but his lack of manners and pushiness should also be considered in this respect, as at present time, he doesn’t discriminate in who he jumps up on or gets mouthy with. Beethoven will also need a family who is able to provide proper grooming for him, and/or take him to a professional groomer, because his hair is wild and appears to be something that will get out of control fairly quickly if it does not get regular attention. 


Application Fees, Adoption Donations and Rescue Policy:

Please know that 100% of our fees and donations pay for the costs of rescuing dogs. These include, but are not limited to: pull fees from shelters, veterinary examinations, vaccinations, medications and care, microchips, neuter/spay surgeries, heartworm treatments, behavior evaluations, and foster care, as needed.

Our rescue policy requires the following:

  • Adopters must have their primary residence in one of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and parts of North Carolina.
  • We will not adopt a giant breed dog to homes where the dog will have access to highly varnished hardwood steps inside the home. Any inside steps to which the dog(s) have access, must have carpeting, securely fixed stair treads, or a non-skid surface. We encourage you to remediate potential safety issues while your application is under review, prior to the home visit.
  • Methods or devices using pain or force on the dog to control the dog, or to deter undesirable behavior is prohibited.
  • Applications for giant breed dogs must be submitted by the property owner.
  • Homes with children under 6 years of age will not be approved for adoption.
  • Homes with children should have a fenced yard.
  • Pets currently in the applicant's home must have a history of appropriate veterinary care. Veterinary records will be checked.
  • All references must be checked before any visitation of the dog is permitted at the foster home.
  • All family members must be present during the home visit to the applicant's home.
  • Any dog(s) in the applicant's home must have an introductory meeting with the rescue dog being considered, before any adoption can be completed.
  • Homes with intact dogs will not be approved for adoption. Exceptions to this policy can be found on the Adoptable Dog Page.

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**PA Kennel License: 05845

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Good with Kids, Good with Adults, Somewhat vocal, Does Good in the Car, Requires a yard, Leashtrained, Cratetrained, Likes to play with toys, Playful, Affectionate, Eager To Please, Intelligent, Goofy

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