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About Lily

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: $500
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brindle
  • Current Size: 90 Pounds
  • Current Age: 1 Year 6 Months (born on 11/21/2022)
  • Fence Required: Yes(6 foot)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Obedience Training Needed: Has Basic Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Low


Lily is an approximately 100lb Presa Canario female. She's a young lady at 13 months old, as of December 2023. She has a long slender build, but also folds herself up for easy storage. She has a soft silky dark brindle coat, and intact ears which is a rarity for a Presa. This lovely girl was found wandering the streets in North Jersey, so we don’t know much about her backstory.

Likes: She enjoys hanging with her pack (human and otherwise) most of all. Other likes include receiving food rewards, belly rubs, bear hugs, being smushed, eating carrot and apple pieces, kong toys.

Dislikes: Being alone, having her rear end petted (she will let you know by gently taking your hand in her mouth). Lily does not like unfamiliar people or dogs.

Personality: She is energetic, playful, engaging, and athletic. She thrives on personal attention. She is mostly focused on her people and is extremely loyal. She is smart and food motivated, which makes training easy and fun. She is generally calm in the house, so long as she has her regular walks and exercise. 

Temperament: Lily would benefit from developing more confidence. She is anxious in new situations or when overstimulated. Lily will test boundaries with familiar people and other dogs. Her owner must be consistent and attentive. She is very food motivated. She is not independent, she wants to be with her pack. No food or resource guarding aggression. Just a little jealousy over human attention.

Energy level: Lily is a medium energy dog. She needs a 30 minute brisk paced morning walk and a 30 minute evening walk. She walks between 1 and 2 miles a day. She sometimes does zoomies and fetch in the backyard.

Favorite activities: Going for walks and sniffaris, getting food out of a treat toy, puzzle, or Kong. Any training involving food rewards, jumping up for things like toys or sticks, rough housing with a dog. Hanging out watching tv with you on the couch.

Good with cats, dogs, and kids (over 6)?:  Lily has a prey drive, and even though it is low, she would initially chase a cat or other small animals. However, she has learned to peacefully cohabitate with a chicken, so it is possible. She gets along well with her medium sized foster sibling dog, but Lily would need time to accept a new doggie friend. She would enjoy having an energetic dog her size to play with. She loves kids, particularly girls. She snuggled right up with her foster’s 7 year old niece.

Not good with: She is suspicious of strange people, dogs, and sometimes cars. She will bark aggressively at people, dogs, and cars that come close on our walks. When a stranger tries to interact with her she will back away. With other dogs she tries to get to them. It is unknown if she would be aggressive with a strange dog or not. She sees these things as threats and is scared. She is also motivated to protect her family. Her foster has been working with her and a trainer to reduce these unwanted behaviors.

With a familiar dog, she wants to play and will bark if a dog won’t engage with her. She will try to mount and dominance hump dogs too, but responds well to social cues and does not escalate.

Housetrained: Yes, Lily is housetrained! The only times she has peed in the house is when she has been scared (vacuum cleaning, getting adjusted, etc.)

Crate trained: Lily cannot be crated. Based on wear on her teeth, it is suspected that she was excessively crated at some point. Even with a filled Kong toy in there she gets anxious, drools, and licks the crate bars. When she first arrived her foster would confine her to the first floor with dog gates when leaving the house. She needs tall dog gates as she easily jumps the standard height ones. Now she is left her free in the home, but all food must be secured first.

Requires a fenced yard (physical fence and/or invisible fence)? Yes, as a young athletic dog Lily needs a place for zoomies and playing fetch or chase. She doesn’t try to escape, she’s not independent like that.

Walks well on a leash? Lily has made wonderful progress at loose leash walking. When she’s energetic, excited, or sees a deer she will pull. But mostly she is easy to walk. She gets lots of leash room to sniff and is rewarded for checking in with her handler. She knows how to heel with food rewards.

Challenges: As mentioned above, she is stranger and dog reactive. She barks aggressively to scare people away.  Her foster has been working with a trainer to reduce these sensitivities using positive reinforcement and high value food rewards. Her prospective owner will need to continue work with her to discourage guarding behaviors both at home and on walks.

When she gets excited, sometimes she will try to mount her foster or another dog. The behavior has lessened as it's been discouraged as she has integrated into her foster home over time. She can also be jealous of attention when another dog is receiving it, and will try to hump or block the other dog.

She doesn’t like being left alone for long periods. Her foster often gives her a filled kong toy when leaving the house. She searches for food when she is left alone to manage her anxiety, so anything remotely edible needs to be put away. She is happiest in the presence of her human.

She is an opportunist when it comes to food, so don’t turn your back on your plate or that loaf of bread on the counter. This behavior has lessened over the time she’s been in foster care, but it's a work in progress. If left alone in the kitchen, anything on the countertop is fair game to her.

Any Medical issues? None!  She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations and preventatives.

What would be the best kind of home? The best home would be one where Lily is not left alone for long periods. Her adopter should work part time or be able to take her with them to work. Her owner must be able to take her on walks twice a day and be consistent with her. Lily would enjoy being the center of attention or having the company of a similar sized dog friend. She would likely do best paired with a slightly older male who can help her with dog social skills. A nice sized fenced yard is a plus. She is suited to the suburbs or the country, and would not do well in an urban environment.


Application Fees, Adoption Donations and Rescue Policy:

Please know that 100% of our fees and donations pay for the costs of rescuing dogs. These include, but are not limited to: pull fees from shelters, veterinary examinations, vaccinations, medications and care, microchips, neuter/spay surgeries, heartworm treatments, behavior evaluations, and foster care, as needed.

Our rescue policy requires the following:

  • Adopters must have their primary residence in one of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and parts of North Carolina.

  • We will not adopt a giant breed dog to homes where the dog will have access to highly varnished hardwood steps inside the home. Any inside steps to which the dog(s) have access, must have carpeting, securely fixed stair treads, or a non-skid surface. We encourage you to remediate potential safety issues while your application is under review, prior to the home visit.

  • Methods or devices using pain or force on the dog to control the dog, or to deter undesirable behavior is prohibited.

  • Applications for giant breed dogs must be submitted by the property owner.

  • Homes with children under 6 years of age will not be approved for adoption.

  • Homes with children should have a fenced yard.

  • Pets currently in the applicant's home must have a history of appropriate veterinary care. Veterinary records will be checked.

  • All references must be checked before any visitation of the dog is permitted at the foster home.

  • All family members must be present during the home visit to the applicant's home.

  • Any dog(s) in the applicant's home must have an introductory meeting with the rescue dog being considered, before any adoption can be completed.

  • Homes with intact dogs will not be approved for adoption. Exceptions to this policy can be found on the Adoptable Dog Page.

Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue reserves the right to approve or deny any adoption that occurs through this organization without disclosure.  We reserve the right to make exceptions for special circumstances.

For additional information please review our FAQs or contact

**PA Kennel License: 05845

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