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Name: Remi
Status: Adopted!
Adoption Fee: 425
Species: Dog
Breed: Bullmastiff / Collie / Mixed (medium coat)
Learn more about the Bullmastiff.
Learn more about the Collie.
Sex: Female (not spayed)
Current Age: 1 Year 8 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Housetrained: No
Remi's brother, Olaf (adopted) can also be seen on our website.
Remi's brother, Olaf (adopted) can also be seen on our website.


Remi (formerly known as Moana) is a super cuddly, sweet, and affectionate girl who loves to cozy up with her people on the couch.  She enjoys playing toss with her toys and likes both balls and plush toys, although she may become a shredder of plush toys considering how much she chews on them.  Speaking of chewing, she also loves bones for chewing on.

Remi is very food motivated and has already learned "sit", "lay down", and "come" very quickly with a voice and/or hand command.  She is respectful of her foster senior dog and would greatly benefit from living with another confident dog that likes to play and can show her the ropes.  Remi doesn't pay much attention to her foster cats and also quite respectful of them.  She is, however, interested in squirrels outside. :)

Remi makes the cutest noises and grumbles when she sleeps.  She allows her foster mom to trim her nails with no problem a all!  She's not a fan of bath time yet, but she's working on it.

She is working on housetraining and has had some success.  Remi is fearful on the leash when seeing another human or dog and tends to either freeze, pull, &/or run.  She likes to be close to her home base, so short walks is all she's comfortable with for now.  She is fearful of loud noises, children, and bikes.  In time, she may become more comfortable with some or all of these things but it will take time.

Remi is crate trained and sleeps 7+ hours a night in her crate without making a peep!  During the day, when left alone, she does cry/whine in her crate but will eventually calm down.  She also cries/whines when her humans are out of her sight - even when they are all together in the home. With trust and comfort, this may decrease or cease altogether over time.

Remi loves peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and pumpkin.  She enjoys being fed in a slow feeder or topple toy as she scarfs her food down very quickly. 

Positive Reinforcement Training is suggested for Remi as it would greatly benefit her and help her build confidence. 

Remi is looking for a home that has a calmer lifestyle as she takes a bit to warm up to strangers entering the home.  She would also love a yard to play in which could help her gain overall confidence being outside.  She is a sweet and loving girl who truly wants to please her humans.  She has lots of wonderful qualities to share and is looking for someone who is ready to invest the time and love she needs and deserves!  

Puppy Adoption Policy:

To ensure proper house training and socialization, puppies will only be adopted to homes where an adult will not be away more than an hour per day, per month of age of the puppy, up to 6 months.

Certain large-breed dogs should not be sterilized prior to 12 - 18 months of age. If you adopt an intact puppy, you will sign an adoption contract agreeing to have the dog sterilized at your expense at the time your veterinarian recommends. Proof of sterilization must be provided to Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue as soon as the procedure is completed. If the puppy is not sterilized as required, Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue reserves the right to claim legal ownership of the dog.

Application Fees, Adoption Donations and Rescue Policy:

Please know that 100% of our fees and donations pay for the costs of rescuing dogs. These include, but are not limited to: pull fees from shelters, veterinary examinations, vaccinations, medications and care, microchips, neuter/spay surgeries, heartworm treatments, behavior evaluations, and foster care, as needed.

Our rescue policy requires the following:

  • Adopters must have their primary residence in one of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and parts of North Carolina.
  • We will not adopt a giant breed dog to homes where the dog will have access to highly varnished hardwood steps inside the home. Any inside steps to which the dog(s) have access, must have carpeting, securely fixed stair treads, or a non-skid surface. We encourage you to remediate potential safety issues while your application is under review, prior to the home visit.
  • Methods or devices using pain or force on the dog to control the dog, or to deter undesirable behavior is prohibited.
  • Applications for giant breed dogs must be submitted by the property owner.
  • Homes with children under 6 years of age will not be approved for adoption.
  • Homes with children should have a fenced yard.
  • Pets currently in the applicant's home must have a history of appropriate veterinary care. Veterinary records will be checked.
  • All references must be checked before any visitation of the dog is permitted at the foster home.
  • All family members must be present during the home visit to the applicant's home.
  • Any dog(s) in the applicant's home must have an introductory meeting with the rescue dog being considered, before any adoption can be completed.
  • Homes with intact dogs will not be approved for adoption. Exceptions to this policy can be found on the Adoptable Dog Page.

For additional information please review our FAQs or contact

Mastiffs To Mutts Rescue reserves the right to approve or deny any adoption that occurs through this organization without disclosure.  We reserve the right to make exceptions for special circumstances.


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