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About Stormy

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: 225.00
  • Species: Dog
  • Current Age: 5 Years 8 Months (best estimate)

Stormi is a puppy who came from Alabama with demodectic mange, eye and ear infections. He had conquered his infections and is free of mange, but is working hard on getting his hair to grow back. Even without hair, he is adorable! He is house trained on a puppy schedule. He is knows how to sit, listens to ‘no,’ and loves to watch his big brother Fila for instruction! We think he has not had a lot of socialization with other dogs, plus he is an adolescent and is sometimes sill learning when to stop instigating. A tolerant older sibling would be best for him.



Stormi adores his big doggie brother! He watches him for instruction, and also can be a little impish in trying to get attention from him.



Stormi is a brave little guy. He does not necessarily ‘like’ his crate, but he is beginning to settle in it for the night. He does not like to be in it during the day when you are out and will cry when in his crate during the day.



Stormi is brave, and is not bothered by loud noises, or new situations. He is sweet and really smart. He is working hard on learning to be a good puppy.



Stormi will let you do just about anything to him. You can put your fingers in his mouth, we have been touching his feet, you can roll him over, put your hand in his food bowl, etc. He does not guard food or toys from other dogs or people.


Energy level:

For a puppy, Stormi has medium energy. He has bursts of energy, but rarely has excessive energy that gets out of control


Favorite activities:

To Stormi, all is new and he just rolls with it. An unusual interest is airplanes and birds! He loves to watch them in the sky!


Good with:

Stormi has been around children of all ages, other dogs, men, women and been fine.


Not good with:

Stormi accepts all comers. We have not tested him with cats. He developed an interest in stalking and chasing rabbits in the yard.



For the most part, Stormi is housetrained, but he is still a pup and you have to remember to allow him outside every few hours and after he eats. If you forget, he will have an accident. With consistency, he will be fully housetrained soon. He has not had an accident for a whole week!

Challenges: Stormi has bonded with his doggie brother and his human (13y.o) brother. He ADORES them. He is less interested in his adult humans right now. I don’t think this is abnormal. We have introduced puppies to the household before and it takes them a little while to bond with the ‘elders’ in the house.


Any Medical issues?

Stormi had demodectic mange and has been treated for it. He still has no hair on his back, and needs to wear protective clothing for the sun and cold (he gets cold easily). He has been exposed to different puppy treats, and the occasional piece of rubber toy and has had no stomach issues.


What would be the best kind of home for Stormy?

Stormi would thrive in a home with another canine companion, and with experienced owners because he is smart and needs to be challenged. Stormy loves other dogs, but he sometimes does not get the message to stop. 

Fostered in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Puppy Adoption Policy:

To ensure proper house training and socialization, puppies will only be adopted to homes where an adult will not be away more than an hour per day, per month of age of the puppy, up to 6 months.


Puppies will be adopted out on a 'Foster to Adopt' basis. This means that if/when your application is approved to adopt, you sign a contract stating you are fostering the puppy until the time it is neutered/spayed at your expense. Giant breed puppies should be not be spayed/neutered before 12 months of age. All non-giant breed puppies must be spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months, unless otherwise recommended by your veterinarian. We will amend the Foster-to-Adopt contract to make the puppy legally yours, only when we receive a spay/neuter certificate from you or your veterinarian. If the puppy is not spayed/neutered as required, we will take possession of the puppy once again.

Application Fees, Adoption Donations and Rescue Policy: Please know that 100% of our funds are used for rescuing the dogs.


Application Fees, Adoption Donations and Rescue Policy: Please know that 100% of our funds are used for rescuing the dogs.


Our rescue policy requires the following:

  • Adopters must have their primary residence in one of the following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and parts of North Carolina.
  • Applications for giant breed dogs must be submitted by the property owner.
  • Homes with inside steps to which the dog(s) have access, must have carpeting, securely fixed stair treads, or a non-skid surface.
  • Homes with children under 6 years of age will not be approved for adoption.
  • Homes with children should have a fenced yard.
  • Pets currently in the applicant's home must have a history of appropriate veterinary care. Veterinary records will be checked.
  • All references must be checked before any visitation of the dog is permitted at the foster home.
  • All family members must be present during the home visit to the applicant's home.
  • Any dog(s) in the applicant's home must have an introductory meeting with the rescue dog being considered, before any adoption can be completed.

For additional information please review our FAQs or contact:


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